Industrial Training

Industrial Training of Mechanical/ Electric Engineers
  • Training to get the Engineering Job
  • Training for the self employment (Entrepreneurship)

The course builds upon the knowledge and skills that students have gained from previous coursework in their professional engineering degree. Engineering problem where integrative aspects are emphasized. The aim is to impart Professional working practice in the context of realistic industrial situations so to provide a bridge from academic work to professional practice.

  • Fundamentals of Mechanical Engineering : Overview of the relevant subjects already studied during graduation.
  • Introduction to Linear Dimensional Measurement Instrumentation : This course is a basic introduction to some of the instrumentation used in linear dimensional measurements such as vernier calipers and micrometers, depth and height gauges and gauge blocks. Primarily this course is meant to provide a foundation for future courses.
  • Basic understanding of mechanical / Electrical drawings : This course deals with stating and interpreting dimensions, tolerances, and related requirements to be used in engineering drawings and related documents. This course is a valuable tool for any individual who has to create or interpret engineering drawings; for product and gauge designers; CMM operators and quality assurance personnel.
  • Practical Hydraulic & Pneumatic Systems : The practical hydraulics and pneumatics workshop is a comprehensive, highly practical and interactive course. The students will have an opportunity to discuss construction of hydraulic and pneumatic systems, design-applications, and learn operations, maintenance and management issues. They will be provided with the most up-to-date information and best practice in dealing with the subject. Towards the end of the workshop, students will have developed the skills and ability to recognize and solve hydraulic and pneumatic problems in a simple, structured and confident manner.
  • Basic Design of Jigs & Fixtures : This course includes designing of Jigs & Fixtures for location, Drilling, Milling, Grinding, Welding, Assembly & Inspection purposes
  • Automation Technology & Mechatronics : In modern Industry the scope of automation has widened owing to the advantages it confers to automation products where they overcome the limitations of traditional industries by providing repeatability; increase in production, improving the quality control and integrating business system and also by reducing wastage and labor. Automation involves integration of mechanical & electronics engineering described as Mechatronics. This course involves teaching of Electronics for Mechanical Engineers, basic design of modern CNC machines & mechatronic elements, drives & electrical and CNC systems.
  • Computer Aided Design ( CAD) : This course includes creating 2D Drawings, Editing 2D drawings, Dimensioning, CAD construction techniques, Reverse Engineering (creating 2D drawings from engineering part sample), Creating 3D Solid model, Creating 3D machine parts & Assembling of machine, Validating Kinematics of Machine, Mold Design, Drafting & Detailing, and Prototype development.
  • Computer Aided Manufacturing ( CAM) :
    This course includes
    • Introduction of CNC machines, Type of CNC Machines, G-Codes M-Codes, Tool Holders & Inserts, Cutters Specification, Basic Programming, Cutter Radius Compensation, Canned Cycles, Creation of Sub Program
    • Hands on Practical training on CNC VMC.
    • Orienting machine coordinate system.
    • Setting up job.
    • General machining concept.
    • Making 2D tool path.
    • Creating 3D surface tool path.
    • Tool path verification.
    • Generation of NC codes.
    • Transferring the codes to machine.

  • Basic PLC Programming : Introduction to Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) , Human machine Interface (HMI) , Panel Designing, PLC Programming software, Ladder Diagrams, Basic Programming Instructions and basic HMI interfacing with PLC, Introduction to AC variable Drives & applications. Practical Training on Simulators & specialized special purpose machine with various kinematic movements of cylinders, slides, spindle, sensors, HMI Touch Screen & encoders etc where different programs & sequencing can be run as per program made on PLC.




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